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Funky Vintage and Used

You are always welcome to call 814-571-5154 or Email us for a thorough in-hand description on any guitar or amp we have in stock.

Currently In Stock
Electric Guitars

Click pictures to enlarge - VMMM

Used USA Legacy HB
  • black with locking tuners
  • near mint
  • $879

Click pictures to enlarge - VN

The Vaunted 60s Silvertone
  • Chris Isaak, Hubert Sumlin, etc Model
  • Non-original bridge, but otherwise all there
  • Honest play wear
  • $1099 no case. Tremendous!!

Click picture to enlarge - V6A

70s Harmony Sovereign
  • Killer USA made guitar (like pagey played on stairway) with b band A2.2 pickup
  • $200 pickup w 75 dollar install
  • with original soft shell case $869

Click picture to enlarge - V6C

Click picture to enlarge - V6F

Click picture to enlarge - V6G

Click pictures to enlarge - OKSM

69s old kraftsman swingmaster (made by Kay)

  • $1099 w/ original soft case
  • amazingly clean in appearance (clean like country water!)
  • TONE Galore!!!

Click pictures to enlarge - SHAC2TB

ASATCAT Semi-hollow $1849 w/hardcase

  • 2 tone burst
  • vintage tint-and-gloss 1 neck

Click pictures to enlarge - SHACOSB1

ASATCAT semi-hollow $1799 w/hard case

  • old school sienna sunburst
  • vintage tinted 1A neck

Click pictures to enlarge - UACCB1

Used (near mint) ASATCAT $1899 w/hard case

  • 7 of 15 of the first run in pine
  • cherry burst
  • top wood bound
  • belly cut
  • vintage tint-and-gloss 1 neck

Click pictures to enlarge - ULV05SB

Used (near mint) Complete Sunburst Larrivee L05

  • the only complete sunburst L05 ever made
  • all that and the proverbial big bag o chips

Click pictures to enlarge - uprsse

used PRS SE Santana $399 w/PRS bag

  • nice n clean

Click pictures to enlarge - gasg

120th anniversary Gibson SG $ 1049. w/ hard case

  • near mint
  • (guy had it for a month and decided it wasn't him... Threw us some cash and this guitar and left with a brand spankin new legacy cat)

Click pictures to enlarge - uelps

used Epiphone Les Paul standard

  • very clean
  • $329. w/ hard case

Click pictures to enlarge - ufas

used Fender American standard Tele

  • very nice and clean
  • $849 W/hardcase

Click pictures to enlarge - usedstrats

Plethora of used fender stratocasters

  • Made in Mexico or Asia
  • $99.99 - $329

Click picture to enlarge - V6K

Click pictures to enlarge - basses

Basses (new and used)

  • Specter, Traben, and Peavey
  • $229 - $349

Click pictures to enlarge - VRR

60s Hollywood turned Catalina
  • in Black/Red
  • with Real Binding
  • Dearmond
  • $549, Awesome!

Click pictures to enlarge - VVVV

169 of 270 Les Paul Std Limited
  • with neck repair
  • and imperial lollar pickups
  • $1199 with non-original high-end gator case

Click pictures to enlarge - VNNN

Used G&L Asat s 3
  • Near mint
  • nice and lively!
  • $1199 with hard case

Click pictures to enlarge - VLLL

40s/50s Old Kraftsman ala Kay
  • One badass Bigbox!
  • Non original tuners
  • $1099 with new feather case!

Click pictures to enlarge - V4G

Mid 2000s classic Lester
  • All straight/good sounding
  • Grover's added (no extra holes) originals in case as well
  • Customer paid $1600 on eBay!
  • $1399

Click pictures to enlarge - V4H

Early 60s Harmony Rocket
  • Vibe central
  • Plays and sounds like a million bucks
  • Go vintage without breaking the bank!
  • $

Click pictures to enlarge - VUUU

One Year Old Ricky 620 Fire Glo
  • Immaculate
  • baby sounds killer!
  • $1299 with hard case

Click pictures to enlarge - VIII

Recent Ibanez artcore Bigbox
  • Clean!
  • $279 with bag

Click pictures to enlarge - VOOO

2003 Les Paul Studio
  • with ebony board upgrade
  • $799 with hard case

Click pictures to enlarge - VP

60s Kay Swing Master
  • Honest play wear all there
  • Some cat named Jimmie must of loved it as he put his name on the truss rod cover, can't bear to remove it!
  • Kessel pickups!!!! Smokin!!!
  • $899 no case

Click pictures to enlarge - VM

90s Yamaha Space Age Guitar
  • Reminds us of Shackley sprockets
  • Sounds cool!
  • $369 no case

Click pictures to enlarge - VQQ

Bo & Bud
  • Oh but they're weird and wonderful
  • $399 & $499 respectively, both come with a nice bag

Click pictures to enlarge - VL

G&L Tribute ASATcat Prototype
  • We got an Asian ASAT and catted it up (see ASATcat history)
  • We may do a run with G&L in the Tribute series soon, but now we are married to the USA models
  • $499 no case

Click pictures to enlarge - VJ

1960s or 70s WEM Sapphire 12 string
  • Quality British made piece ala Burns
  • Three pickups
  • Clean... ok, VERY clean
  • Sounds outta this world!!
  • $1199 Rare like Hen's Teeth!

Click pictures to enlarge - VK

Gibson SG Junior 1990s
  • Serial Number 993111492
  • Clean and Light
  • $599 with a good Gibson bag

Click pictures to enlarge - VII

Fender 60th Anniversary Black Guard Tele
  • Mint!
  • $1099 with original hard shell case
  • $899 if you got a starter acoustic to trade

Click pictures to enlarge - VQ

60s Silvertone Mars Tuxedo Model
  • Two Hershey Bars
  • Honest play wear
  • Featherweight and a genuine King Bee!!
  • Be the well-dressed man cat from outta space!!
  • $599 no case

Currently In Stock
Acoustic Guitars

Click picture to enlarge - V6O

Click picture to enlarge - V6T


Click pictures to enlarge - 70ST

1970 silvertone 1221 (aka harmony sovereign)

  • $ 899 w/ non original hard case
  • USA made
  • solid spruce top
  • solid mahogany sides and one piece back
  • with B Band A 2.2 pickup installed ($200 dual source pickup/ $75 install)

Click pictures to enlarge - VA

Martin DC15e
  • Classic four pickup
  • Little to no wear, early 2000s
  • Nice and Warm
  • $869 with original hard case

Click pictures to enlarge - VF

National Arch Top
  • 50s/60s USA Made
  • Flamed maple and totally kicks butt.
  • A shop fave!
  • Great neck angle, ready for you to try to imagine yourself bangin' chords for Basie, ala Freddie!
  • $499 with chip case

Click picture to enlarge - VXX

Used Alvarez md80c
  • All solid spruce/mahogany
  • with fishman aura pickup
  • New $1000 used $579

Click picture to enlarge - NG

Revival RG 24
  • Solid spruce top
  • Laminated East Indian Rosewood sides and back
  • our price $199

Click pictures to enlarge - VB

Takamine 12-string Maple Jumbo F 395 MS
  • 70s lawsuit era when the folks at Takamine were copying their US competitors.
  • A very well made and nice sounding twelve
  • Plays Great!
  • $699

Click pictures to enlarge - VVV

50s/60s Kay Flat Top
  • Plays Great!
  • Built to play in some juke joint or honky tonk!
  • $399

Click pictures to enlarge - V4E

50s/60s Kay Mini Jumbo
  • Fingerpicking machine and doesn't mind being strummed hard.
  • Refinished Top
  • Waaaay cool! $399

Click pictures to enlarge - VBBB

Seagull Entourage Dreadnought
  • Baggs Pickup
  • No Case
  • $379

Click pictures to enlarge - VEEE

Norman Solid Top
  • Satin Finish
  • au Canada!
  • $264

Click pictures to enlarge - VGG

Fender CD60 CE
  • Sunburst acoustic electric
  • adorned with the F word on the headstock
  • It's gotta be great!
  • $199 with a hard case

Click pictures to enlarge - VCC

Martin DX 1 AE
  • Solid top with a cleated seam crack, mim
  • High reso composite laminate back and sides
  • Electronics sound good
  • A great stage guitar that you weren't afraid to take out
  • $279, add a hard case for $60

Click pictures to enlarge - VC

Framus Small Body
  • 60s bolt on neck that works nicely as a finger picker for some folks.
  • I like it with a set of high strung Nashville strings
  • German engineering baby!
  • $375 with chip case

Click pictures to enlarge - VD

Harmony Sovereign branded as a Regal
  • 60s all solid: addy/mahogany you don't see this kind of wood unless you drop a couple grand.
  • We all know the used by Page, Townsend, Lipscomb, Sebastian stories.
  • I use one with a B Band A2.2 for acoustic gigs
  • Best kept vintage secret!! We love em!!
  • Waiting on a neck re-set
  • $369 as-is, $499 after the re-set. with cheap bag

Click pictures to enlarge - VE

Epiphone 6732 E
  • Japanese 70s
  • Bolt on neck, adjustable bridge
  • Nice for cheap
  • $159 with original chip case

Click pictures to enlarge - VDD

Seagull MJ Rustic
  • Very clean, nice sounding Canadian made flat top
  • Solid top. Laminated sides and back
  • Perfect step up guitar for a beginner wanting a real flat top
  • $279, add a hard case for $60

Click pictures to enlarge - VFF

Used Zager with Electronics
  • Shockingly nice
  • Solid top
  • Sounds good plugged in as well
  • Clean! $299 with bag

Click pictures to enlarge - VJJ

Laminated Nylon String S101
  • Made in China
  • Nice for cheap!
  • $59 with a chipboard case

Click pictures to enlarge - VG

Jay Turser Parlor Guitar
  • Like new
  • $84.99 witha nice TKL bag

Click pictures to enlarge - VHH

Alvarez RD 20 SC
  • Clean acoustic electric
  • $199 with a hard case

Click pictures to enlarge - VBB

Tacoma EM 9
  • Clean, all solid, USA built guitar
  • Sounds good, plays good
  • Oh yeah it's only $479 with a hard case

Currently In Stock
Amplifers & PA Gear

Click picture to enlarge - V5F

New SHS Audio powered speaker G2
  • 200 watts
  • Nice eq on rear
  • $329

Click picture to enlarge - V5B

Ashdown MAG 300
  • $399

Click pictures to enlarge - TB20

traynor YCV20 $469

  • tubes n tone central
  • this thing loves asatcats and teles

Click pictures to enlarge - 80FC

80s Fender Concert (Paul Rivera designed)

  • hand wired all tube
  • amazing clean sound
  • channel switching w original foot switch
  • $699

Click pictures to enlarge - VHTD

VHT Standard 12. $699

  • hand wired in the USA
  • 5E3 tweed deluxe clone
  • sounds great

Click pictures to enlarge - VHTP

VHT standard 18 $749

  • hand wired in the USA
  • 18 watt
  • tubes, tone, a la plexi circuit

Click pictures to enlarge - VHTS6

VHT Special 6 Ultra $399

  • all tube, hand wired in China
  • capable of sweet cleans and super heavy crunch

Click pictures to enlarge - USWR

Used Working Mans 15 Bass Amp

  • not the prettiest, but loud and powerful!
  • $269

Click picture to enlarge - VTT

Fender Bassman Reissue
  • Super Clean
  • Tubes Baby!!
  • $699

Click picture to enlarge - VNN

Yorkville Bassmaster XM100C
  • Best 100 watt bass rig on the planet!
  • Canadian Made!
  • They never break!
  • $229

Click picture to enlarge - VU

Peavey 600F Powered Mixer
  • 200 watts Main
  • 200 watts Monitor
  • All there and as it should be
  • $299

Click picture to enlarge - VXXX

Blues Jr
  • Very Clean!
  • $399 with cover

Click picture to enlarge - VSSS

USA Peavey Pacer
  • with dirt and verb
  • $139

Click picture to enlarge - VT

Yorkville M810 Powered Mixer
  • 400 watts Main
  • 400 watts Monitor
  • All there with cover
  • $579

Click picture to enlarge - VOO

Line 6 Spider 75
  • $169 takes this modeling amp outta here!

Click picture to enlarge - VS

Fender Hot Rod Deluxe
  • with cover
  • some wear
  • $469

Click picture to enlarge - VV

Peavey Powered Speaker 112 PM
  • Clean and LOUD!
  • $199

Click pictures to enlarge - VW

Tapco Mix 220 fx Board
  • As it should be
  • $125


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