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New Acoustic and Electric Guitars

You are always welcome to call 814-571-5154 or Email us for a thorough in-hand description on any guitar or amp we have in stock.

Larrivee Guitars

Handmade in the USA. All solid wood constructions. Hand fit dovetail neck joints are standard on ALL models. Best band for your buck out of all USA made flat-tops.

Click picture to enlarge - LV1

Larrivee d40r
  • Solid Spruce/Rosewood
  • Traditionally braced. Very nice!
  • $1424

Click picture to enlarge - LV2

Larrivee d 40
  • Solid Spruce/Mahogany
  • Sweet and Airy!
  • $1274

Click picture to enlarge - LV3

Larrivee d 02
  • Solid Spruce/Sapele
  • Killin for under 1k
  • $999

Click picture to enlarge - LV4

Larrivee L03r
  • Solid Spruce/Rosewood
  • The current shop favorite Larrivee
  • $1369

Click picture to enlarge - LV5

Larrivee L02
  • Solid Spruce/Sapele
  • Love playin the Jimmy Reed lumpty lumps on this bad girl
  • $

Click picture to enlarge - LV6

  • $

Wall of Teton Guitars

We love these things and always stock a ton of different models. Go play any other $300-$500 import then play these. We've sold countless and have rarely seen a warranty issue! Did I mention that these things sound TOO good for that prive point.

Click picture to enlarge - NH

Our new Teton line
  • our favorite under $300 street price guitar period.
  • Read the reviews and hit their website

Cort Guitars

Click pictures to enlarge - Cort

New Cort guitars

  • finally a $199.99 solid top guitar that we can endorse
  • way legit!

Click pictures to enlarge - Leho

New Leho guitars

  • Lehos: sapele and rosewood dreadnaughts (both w/ hardcase) $571 and $750 respectively
  • all solid wood construction w/Sitka spruce tops
  • Larrivee's off shore line, designed by the man himself: Mr J. Larrivee

Click pictures to enlarge - newinexgt

New inexpensive guitars

  • Johnson, Indiana and Savanna laminated top guitars with the Alley Cat set up (ie. very playable)
  • $99 - $199

Starter guitars that play, stay in tune and sound respectable.

Click picture to enlarge

Indiana Acoustic Electrics
  • with active pickups!
  • $189.99

Click picture to enlarge

Indiana Scout
  • with Spruce Top
  • $109.99

Click picture to enlarge

Indiana Scout
  • with Linden Top
  • $99.99

Click picture to enlarge

Concert size guitars
  • $89.99

Click picture to enlarge

Johnson 1/2 and 3/4 size Guitars
  • MAP $99.99
  • call for our price

Click picture to enlarge - V5I

New Mandoville

Click picture to enlarge - V5J


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