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About Us

We are located at 150 Kelly Alley in State College, PA. Kelly Alley is located in-between Fraser and Allen Streets off Beaver Avenue.The shop is well hidden down the brick alleyway parallel and in-between Beaver Avenue and Calder Alley and directly behind Saint's Cafe.

We're open from Noon until 6 PM Monday through Saturday or by appointment.

Give us a call at 814-571-5154 or Email us


Alley Cat Music opened in 1997, we were originally located in Calder Alley. After a few years, we relocated to 122 North Atherton St in State College, PA. In 2005 we closed up shop as partner Junior Tutwiler was constantly on the road with the now defunct Rustlanders. I was busy producing records and busy on the seminar circuit as well. After Junior got off the road and my seminar schedule lightened, we re-opened.

Between Junior and I, we have over 7000 gigs under our belt. I did 15 years touring Europe, Canada, and the Mid-Atlantic with Queen Bee and the Blue Hornet Band averaging nearly 200 nights a year. Junior now holds the guitar chair with Pure Cane Sugar, and I'm playing with Miss Melanie and the Valley Rats. We both play about three or four nights weekly with some travel.

We have always strived to be a shop that nurtured beginner players, as well as the cats who do it for a living and everyone in-between. We have worldwide exclusivity to the G&L ASATcat and Legacy Cat guitars that I designed along with the help of the best guitar and amp guy on the planet Dr. David Sarge. (check out the history of the ASATcat here)

David and I are also involved in the Back Alley Barker Amp company along with Roy Corle. All hand wired, hand tuned solid cherry cabinet tube amps. (see history of the Barker Amps here)

We also have worked really hard on developing our own string line &emdash; Alleycat Righteous Wires. We have a traditional set in 12-54 and 13-56. We also have a bright acoustic set in both the light and medium gauge as well. In the electric department, we have your standard 10-46 set and of course a set of 11's. We are really proud of these and think they can go toe-to-toe with all the big boy string companies. Simply put, they are great sounding, long lasting strings that will stay in tune even when the bar owner is too cheap to turn the heat on.

We love funky old 40s, 50s, and 60s harmonys, Kays, and Silvertone, and Dano guitars. I always have a couple on stage! We try to keep many examples in stock.

We also specialize in used guitars and amps, as well as new and used PA gear, etc. and inexpensive new acoustics, as well as strings, cables, and other accessories.

We want to do right by our customers and EARN their/your business!

Any questions, call 814-571-5154 or Email us. We love to talk guitars and amps!!!

Mark Ross and Junior Tutwiler

The Road Guitar

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